Is Cenegenics a Scam ?

Created in 1997, Cenegenics is definitely the world’s most well known age management training and also the established leading expert in its domain.

Cenegenics is associated with two medical schools and actually have over 20,000 patients and 2,000 physicians.  It has Twenty medical centers all over the Usa with a number of others opening in main urban centers in 2012. They Include, cenegenics scamcities like : New York; Beverly Hills, Philadelphia; Washington DC, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Boca Raton, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Atlantic City, Tulsa and Carolinas

Exactly what makes Cenegenics so unique?

Cenegenics is far away from being a scam, the training is actually an innovatif medical plan that changes from the common disease-driven system to a positive one that promotes healthful aging.

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For the Cenegenics program the main focus is on anticipation, making use of low-glycemic eating plan, physical exercise, vitamin supplements and hormonal optimisation (if clinically suggested). Cenegenics uses results from your health analysis to build up a personalized healthy-aging plan that will help you feel and look just like a younger, completely renewed you.

Cenegenics is not a scam :

Cenegenics Medical Institute is very considered within the medical community for revolutionary work in age management medicine. it provides a precise method of medicine searching exactly where the rest often don’t. Ultimate health and not illness is definitely the main focus.

The ins and outs :

1- The First Step

  • Get yourself ready for the executive health Evaluation. It starts with scheduling. Getting an appointment usually takes Fifteen minutes. They will collect general data, then assist you to select an accessible date plus a facility location.
  • Complete the questionnaires. Usually, you are going to receive a package within just 5 days, the package contains a BDI Analysis, Health & Lifestyle Assessment, AGHD Assessment and Essential Evaluation Day Details.
  • Blood drawn. Around fourteen days after arranging your Executive Health Evaluation, the phlebotomy group is going to get in touch with you to make an appointment to get a greatly extensive blood test. Compared with standard testing by major care physicians, this particular extensive workup contains a Complete Blood Count and evaluations on cardiac disease dangers, hormonal levels, lipid panels, liver panels, homocysteine levels, prostate problems for men and urine analysis, plus a few other tests.

Tests needs a 12 hour fast and drinking lots of water. Generally, tests can be carried out Mondays through Thursdays and it requires 2 to 3 weeks to get laboratory results.

The Second Step :

  • The Executive Health Evaluation. The evaluation progression is extremely individualized and last way up to 8 hours.

The actual diagnostics used in the examination procedure are identical from center to center, but can vary among the affiliated physicians, and can include the next checks.

==> Diagnostic testing : Tests will include a Neurological Chronometric Assessment in addition to vital signs, the percentage of body fat as well as flexibility evaluations.

==>  Testing all five key fitness elements by way of these eight asssessments :

  1. Resting Measurement : Pulse rate, Blood pressure level, Bodyweight, Height and Waight measuring.
  2. Body Structure / Density Of Bone.
  3. Core Strength and Stability
  4. Muscular Strength
  5. Muscular Endurance
  6. Cardiovascular Endurance.
  7. Flexibility
  8. Balance Checking

Third Step
The Cenegenics team members are very reactive, after beginning your plan, you can expect ongoing communication plus follow-up from the team.
On the base of follow-up lab results and phone consultations, your Cenegenics physician will manage your plan medically. The Patient Service Team will manage your automatic monthly pharmacy shipments and schedule follow up  blood testing, in your home or office.

How much the Cenegenics program costs ?

Cenegenics costs a minimum of 1500 dollars a month.


17 thoughts on “Is Cenegenics a Scam ?

  1. Why does one of the Drs ( Dr Roenstern) on Cenergenics web site also appear on the advertisement for “Ageless Male” supliment. On there he claims it was “Ageless Male” that gave him the body he now has. So just how did he get the to look the way he claims he does? Sounds like a scam to me.

  2. Just a note, Dr. Life is also featured in Bill Phillips, Body For Life as a before and after participant. This was when he was 60. So buy the Body for Life book if you want the results he got. Much cheaper optioin.

  3. Skin does not lie. You faked an older man’s head on a younger man’s body. Regardless of fitness, unless everything about him was lifted, that’s younger skin!

  4. 1500 a month on any health program will give great results but how many average income Americans can afford that? Think ill pay the 80 a month for family plan at my local YMCA.

  5. Yes, I believe cenegenics is a scam. I thought it would provide me with a better quality of life but unfortunately, the program actually gave me the opposite results.

    I was on the cenegenics program for slightly more than two years. My end result was a brain tumor and massive medical bills. My desired results of the program turned out to be my biggest nightmare.

    I will say with absolute certainty, the doctor I delt with in Beverly Hills left me feeling like he had no idea how to treat me and I felt I never receive the proper advice. When IR phone talks or meetings were over, I often felt confused and unsure of the program. The program is very expensive, more than advertised. When I tried to negotiate the fees, the doctor advised and prescribed that I use an outside pharmacy to get my medication, which was against cenegenics policy.

    Everything that was presented to me on the phone and during my initial phase of the program was misleading. In addition, I believe the medication prescribed was the direct reason for my brain tumor. I have several qualified doctors why have confirmed as much.

    I never had any follow-up or evaluation conducted during my time with cenegenics, and the only thing they cared about was collecting their fees.

    Please avoid this scam, there are much better alternatives to this program, and there are more qualified doctors that care about the health of their patients.

  6. Is there a more affordable plane, $1,500.00 a month is a lot of money. Can I do the program on my own by reading Dr. Life’s book

  7. There is only one way you will ever have a strong sexy looking body.
    You have to earn it!
    It requires
    Change in lifestyle
    And dedication

    Like the Marines
    Never Given

    • Now this is the most sensible comment I’ve read in the last hour researching Cenegenics. We all want look like that and who wouldn’t? What I need, and all of you as well is the determination and drive to stick to a weight/program and diet. Mental fortitude is tough, and I’m the first to admit, but I believe it’s 90% of this program and we can do it for free. Again this is best comment yet. Thanks Dave!!!

  8. I went to Cengenics for a year. They started off doing normal stuff like taking my blood pressure, monitoring weight, telling me to eat better, but then, after a few months they had me doing weird stuff like drinking my own urine and rubbing camel semen on my face. I don’t know; it just didn’t seem right. Im thinking about going somewhere else. Somewhere where they don’t make you drink pee or rub animal jizz on yourself.

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